Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bobby Walkup and Judith Shores were sworn into office today. Walkup now presently holds the position of our Iowa Tribal Chairman for a two year term. Shores is now serving as Treasurer, also a two year term. Both members have served as part of the business committee in the past. As a tribe we would like to take this opportunity to say welcome once again Bobby and Judith.

“The Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma is organized under the Oklahoma Indian Welfare Act, which authorized the adoption of a tribal constitution, by-laws, and a Business Committee. This governing body consists of five elected officials, each serving two year terms: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, and Councilperson. Elections are held on the first Saturday in June. Election for the Chairman, Treasurer, and Grievance Committee (3 positions) are conducted in odd-numbered years, while the positions of Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Councilperson are elected in even-numbered years. The tribe operates under an election ordinance which provides the guidelines for conducting elections”



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