BIA Financial Assistance and Social Services consists of direct funding and activities related to financial assistance, including general assistance, child assistance, burial assistance, emergency assistance, and adult care assistance; social services, including services to children, the elderly and families, child and adult protection services.

This program aids American Indians and Alaska Natives who have no access to Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), do not meet eligibility criteria for TANF, or have exceeded the lifetime limit for TANF services. The services under this section are designed to be a last resort when no other resources or financial assistance is available. The five types of direct assistance offered include:

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General Assistance: Provides financial assistance payments to eligible Indians for essential needs of food, clothing, shelter, and utilities. The goal of General Assistance is to increase self-sufficiency. This is accomplished through specific steps an individual will take to increase independence as outlined in his/her Individual Self-Sufficiency Plan (ISP). To be eligible for General Assistance, all applicants must apply concurrently for financial assistance from other state, tribal, county, local or other Federal agency programs for which they might be eligible.

Child Assistance: Provides financial assistance payments on behalf of an Indian child requiring placement in a foster home, private, or tribal group day care homes, or in residential settings designed to provide special care. In addition, assistance includes services to a child in need of adoption or guardianship. These payments are only available when not receiving other state, tribal or federal financial assistance.

Non-Medical Institutional or Custodial Care of Adults: Provides monthly financial assistance on behalf of an Indian adult requiring non-medical personal care and supervision due to an advanced age, infirmity, physical condition, or mental impairment. This program provides homecare services to assist the vulnerable adults who can stay in their own homes and residential care for those otherwise eligible Indians when necessary. This assistance is provided to disabled adults who are not eligible for care from any other county, state, or Federal program.

Burial Assistance: This program provides funds to assist with the burial expenses of deceased indigent Indians whose estates do not have sufficient resources to meet funeral expenses. There must be written confirmation by the deceased’s enrolled tribe that they will not being assisting with burial.

Emergency Assistance: This assistance is provided directly to individuals whose homes suffered from personal property damage or their homes were destroyed by fire, flood, or other calamities. It is used for the essential needs of food, shelter, and utilities when other resources are not available.

All services provided must be in the approved BIA jurisdictional boundaries for the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma. All services are subject to a completed application that provides true and accurate information. Additional documentation such as TANF denial letter, proof of income, proof of residency and other items to prove application statements will be necessary.


Update Information for General Assistance

Due to recent changes in location and service providers, Social Services assistance for General Assistance will have specific days and times:

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

During these times applications can be picked up, dropped off, and check pick up.

Please pick up/drop off in ITO Court building to Social Services Director.

Other assistance for emergency assistance, burial assistance, and child protective assistance application needs please contacts Social Services director in court building.

Any other inquiries or questions or concerns please contact:

(405) 547-2402 or socialservices@iowanation.org

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Contact Information

Crystal Springer, M.S.P.
Social Services Director
Office: (405) 547-2402, Ext. 3801

Department email: socialservices@iowanation.org

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