The Iowa Tribe was fortunate enough to have a historic preservation grant for the purpose of conducting an oral history. A series of questions were developed to assist in conducting the interviews. Elders were asked to share their memories which were placed on an audio recording, and were given an honorarium. In addition, photographs were gathered and genealogical information. It is our hope that future generations will be able to visit the Iowa Tribe library and hear the voices of their great, great grandparents and see family and historic photos as well. An important element of the Bah-Kho-Je culture is the Wa-Kah, or story telling sessions in which tribal members gathered during the winter to share stories.

Currently, the Iowa Tribe does not offer language classes. Two years ago we were able to offer classes which taught language and songs. The Tribe sponsored a language workshop, and a number of Tribes attended with the purpose of exchanging ideas for language retention. It is our intention to be able to offer similar programs in the near future. In the interim, we have given recording devices to our elders and the request that they record any words, stories, and songs they can remember. This information will be catalogued and used for additional programs.

Digital Library Collections

Oral History

This video is an interview with Mr. Kent  from 1964 to 1965 over the Ioways and food preparation.

ITO Library Archives

The ITO Library would like to thank the Franklin M. Murray Family for providing the following recordings.

Brief History of Franklin M. Murray

Photo of Franklin M. Murray & wife – Franklin M. Murray with wife, Martha (McGlaslin) Murray – married September 1923, Second photo is Franklin M. Murray at Otoe Encampment in 1980 at the age of 85

Franklin M. Murray-Language Introduction

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