The Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma Enrollment Division maintains all records and files of past and present tribal rolls and genealogy. Applications are processed by the Enrollment Department then forwarded to the Business Committee for final review and enrollment decision. To be eligible for enrollment in the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma, one must have a parent on the roll and have at least 1/16th Iowa blood quantum. The Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma does not allow dual enrollment with other tribes.

To contact the Enrollment Division, please call (405) 547-2402, Ext. 2009, during regular business hours.


Please submit each of the required documents listed below via US Mail in order to be considered for tribal membership:

  1. Completed Application for Enrollment. Print clearly and complete each question to the line provided. Please sign and date completed application.
  2. Family Tree, completed to the best of your knowledge. Please complete genealogy on both sides of his/her family. List All Federally Recognized Tribes on the family tree and enrollment application.
  3. Applicant’s Original State-Issued Birth Certificate. This must be an official, certified birth certificate that the Enrollment Department is required to keep on file, so it will not be returned to you.
  4. A copy of the Applicant’s Social Security card. Does not need to be the original card; a photocopy will suffice.
  5. Completed and signed Consent for Release of Information form.
  6. Legal documents must be provided if the applicant’s name has been changed and is different from that listed on the birth certificate or legal guardian documentation.
  7. The Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma does not allow dual enrollment with other tribes. If the applicant is a member of another tribe, that membership must be officially relinquished, and documentation of the relinquishment provided before being considered for membership with the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma.

Once you have obtained and completed the above-listed documents, please remit via US Mail to the following address:

Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma
Attn: Tribal Enrollment
335588 E. 750 Road
Perkins, OK 74059


Application Packet: Tribal membership application, instructions and required forms to apply for enrollment into the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma.

Consent for Release of Information: Form required if applicant or tribal member will be giving authorization for the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma to share personal protected information.

W-9 Form: Required in order to receive money from tribal distribution payments.

Direct Deposit Agreement: Complete this form if you elect to have tribal distribution payments deposited directly into your bank account.

Change of Address and/or Contact Information

Contact Update Form: Tribal members should complete this form if any personal contact information should change, such as legal name, phone number, address or e-mail contact.

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