The mission of the Iowa Tribe Fire Department is to protect life and property within the Iowa Tribal County.

We will provide fire protection by maintaining our equipment and fire trucks. The Department will respond 24 hours a day when called for duty.

We actively foster a safe environment by maintaining a high state of readiness and cultivation of community partnerships.

It is our responsibility to provide professional services with high organization esteem and values to the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma.

Iowa Tribe Fire Department Seal

Fire and Rescue Current Members

Blaine Pace: Fire Chief/EMT

Tyler Hogsett: Deputy Fire Chief

Recruits Needed

The Iowa Tribe Fire Department is a licensed EMRA for medical response and is in need of EMTs as well as firefighters.

Firewise Logo

Emergency Management – To effectively mitigate the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma, members, staff and property, before, during, and after an event to reduce the damages that may occur.

Contact Information

335174 E 750 Road
Perkins, OK 74059-3268

Blaine Pace
Fire Chief/Emergency Manager Director
Office: (405) 547-2402, ext. 2702
Cell: (405) 714-7872

Fire Department Fax: (405) 547-8646

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