Located in the Multi-Purpose Building

The office of Vehicle Registration is available to assist with:

  • New Tribal Tags
  • Tag Renewals
  • Personalized Tags
  • Vehicle Title Transfers

When renewing or registering your vehicle with the Iowa Tribe you must provide the following documents:

  • CDIB from the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma
  • Current Driver’s License
  • Up to date Insurance verification
  • Lien Entry Form (if applicable)
  • Title and Bill of Sale

Registration Fees and Discounts

Model Year
Street Legal ATV
Mobile Home
Initial Registration FeeTitle FeeTotal Initial Registration CostRenewal Cost
New to 5 years$93.50$12.00$105.50$93.50
6 – 10 years$65.50$12.00$77.50$65.50
11 – 15 years$55.50$12.00$67.50$55.50
16 – 20 years$35.50$12.00$47.50$35.50
20 years & older$15.50$12.00$27.50$15.50
Discounted Rates    
Elders (55+)$15.00$12.00$27.00$15.00
Disabled / Handicapped$0.00$12.00$12.00$0.00
Veteran / Disabled$0.00$12.00$12.00$0.00
Trailer with License Plate$6.00$12.00$18.00$6.00
Trailer (Registration only)$0.00$12.00$12.00N/A
Discounted Rate Requirements 
ElderMust be 55 years of age or older
Disabled / HandicappedMust provide Oklahoma DPS Disability parking placard or Oklahoma DPS Physical Disability Parking Placard Application signed by a licensed physician
VeteranMust provide DD214
Veteran / DisabledDD214 and military letter of disability
Miscellaneous Fees 
Title Fee / Title Change Fee$12.00
Duplicate or Lost Title Fee$10.00
Replacement Registration Fee$2.00
Replacement Plate Decal Fee$12.00
Repo Fee$10.00
Lien Entry Fee$12.00
Personalized Plate (initial & renewal)$16.50
Credit Card / Debit Card Transaction Fee3%

Late Fees

Failing to Renew your vehicle will result in a late penalty of twenty-five cents, (.25), per day until it is renewed. Keep in mind that you have a grace period of thirty days to renew your vehicle.

Vehicles Not in Use

Affidavit of Nonuse: Motor vehicles not in use, in lieu of insurance, can be registered if the owner files an AFFIDAVIT OF NONUSE IN LIEU OF LIABILITY INSURANCE with the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma.

The yearly validation decal issued to the owner of a vehicle who has filed a Non-Use Affidavit in lieu of liability insurance verification will be a decal of a separate and distinct color (black) from all other yearly decal types. Normal yearly registration renewal fees are collected.

Personalized License Plates

Application for Personalized Plate: A personalized license plate can be obtained through the link below or by contacting the Vehicle Registration Department. The maximum is seven letters for an automobile tag and six for a motorcycle.

Use of Tribal Assistance for Registration or Renewal

Only tribal members who receive Elders or Veterans Assistance can use said assistance for vehicle registration or tag renewal. Household Assistance does not qualify.

Registration Renewals by Mail

Every month a letter is sent out to tribal members letting them know that their tags are due to expire that month. In that letter it will give you an amount to pay. (Please keep in mind that this is a computer generated letter and does not factor any discounts for Elders, Veterans, Disabled Veterans, or Handicapped persons. For questions, please contact Vehicle Registration during normal business hours. To renew by mail, send the amount due in the form of a money order or personal check with a copy of your current vehicle insurance verification. Once received we will send your decals for the current year, your updated vehicle registration and an Application for Iowa Tribe Vehicle Registration. You will need to sign/date the application page, have it notarized and returned to us within 10 days. If you have any questions, please contact the Vehicle Registration office for assistance.

The Iowa Tribe is moving forward in the vehicle registration field. Currently all of our tag information is shared with OLETS, (Oklahoma Law Enforcement Telecommunications System). What this means to you as a tribal member is that your vehicle license plates will be recognized anywhere in the country by the law enforcement community.


DPS Disability Parking Placard App: This form is used to obtain a disabled/handicap tag. NOTE: Tribal Member must provide an Oklahoma DPS Disability parking placard or Oklahoma DPS Physical Disability Parking Placard Application signed by a licensed physician. 

ITO Affidavit of Lien Release: This form is used by a lender to confirm the loan is paid in full and removes the lien.

ITO Affidavit of Repossession of a Vehicle: This form is used by a lender to repossess a vehicle. Fee amount: $10

ITO Application for Replacement Title: This form is used to apply for a lost or misplaced title. Fee amount: $10

ITO Authorization for Registration Renewal: This form is used when a Tribal Member is unable to personally register his/her vehicle due to work, etc.

ITO Credit Card Authorization: This form is used to pay for any vehicle transaction. NOTE: All charges will include a 3% transaction fee.

ITO Lost Decal Plate Affidavit: This form is used to apply for a lost or stolen decal and/or license plate. Fee amount: $12

ITO Out of State Work Affidavit: This form is used when a Tribal Member is on an out-of-state military or job assignment.

ITO Request to Add or Remove Name: This form is used to add or remove an individual(s) name. Fee amount: $12

ITO Small Estate Affidavit: This form is used to transfer the ownership of a vehicle subject to disposition by will, when the total of the estate is no more than $50,000.00.

ITO Vehicle Information Request: This form is used to obtain information about a vehicle. Fee amount: Varies.

ITO Vehicle Information Request Reply Form: This form is used to seek information about a vehicle. Information includes owner and lienholder information.

OK State Affidavit for Street Legal Utility Vehicle: This form is used to apply for a street legal utility vehicle tag. Fee amount: Varies.

OK State Lien Entry Form: This form is used by a lender to place a lien on a vehicle.

Contact Information

Office: (405) 547-2402, ext. 3701

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