Sacred Run 2006 (AIM)

Alcatraz Island to Washington, D.C.
February 11, 2006 – April 22, 2006 (Earth Day)

Day 26 – Wednesday, March 8, 2006
Iowa Nation, south of Perkins, OK

Bobby Fields, Public Safety Director, Iowa Nation of OklahomaWe arrived among the Iowa Nation of Oklahoma on Monday, where we are being treated like chiefs by Public Safety Director, Bobby Fields and many other gracious worker-hosts, including dispatchers Donna French, Debra Coleman and Joyce Miller (who made frybread), officers Lori Stropes, Deanna Bigsoldier and Pablo Porras, and Fire Captain Dave Milby.


Pink Lightning!On Monday night, we set up a tent city in the field next to the combined Fire and Police station. The wind howled all night, and threatened to turn into a really big Oklahoma storm on Tuesday. On the advice of the Public Safety Director Bobby Fields, we tore down the tents and moved indoors to the spacious confines of the Pow-wow building. The big storm passed over without the predicted 70 mph winds and hail, but we were treated to a spectacular silent lightning show far off to the northwest. (No, this is not a real photo from last night… but that’s how it looked!) Many thanks to Lt. Milby for driving the shuttle bus back and forth, and again to all who cooked, cleaned and put up with us during our stay in Perkins/Iowa Nation.

Morning Runners on Rest Day, Perkins, Oklahoma / Iowa NationThis morning, rather than rest on a rest day, a number of us went for a morning run. Invigorating, lots of fun, great Spirit among us. Here’s our after-the-run and before-breakfast photo, outside the Iowa Nation of Oklahoma Fire and Police Station. Front row: K.A., Joel, Les and Octavia. Back row: Mark, Marcus, Nuno, Joe, Dennis, Larry (BG), and Jim.Running for Land, Life and Peace – All life is sacred!


Day 27 – Thursday, March 9, 2006
Leaving the Iowa Nation, Perkins, OK, heading north to Ponca City, OK

Today’s reflection is by Sacred Runner K.A. Garlick…

We woke up early today to the cold wind blowing in our faces. Some of us have been brave enough to camp on the pow wow grounds while others took up the offer of spending the night in the hall. After spending a wild 3 nights here at the IOWA Police and Fire Station we are packing up and leaving for Ponca City today. The rain is lightly falling and the walkers leave moving briskly to keep warm.

Iowa Sunset in Perkins, OklahomaLast night we gathered for evening prayer as the beautiful sun set over the hills. Since we have been here the sky has been incredible intense as the stormy tornado weather rolls in. Continually changing as the colors of the sunset fades into the night, the night sky allows for a spectacular show of lightening. After the sunset we gathered in a circle to give a huge thanks to the fantastic and incredible support and energy we have received by the people working here at the Police and Fire station. Tirelessly they all combined their work with supplying us with food, drinks, transportation and a warm and dry place to stay. Each person always smiling and continuously giving to us what we needed. It is places and people like this that give us the strength to continue walking and running. The enormous community support is what makes the success of the Sacred Run as we connect with old friends, make new friends and spend time with local people hearing about the stories of the community.

Stormy weather south of Perkins, OklahomaA few of us spent some time with Pablo, a local tribal police officer and he was telling us many stories about the community especially about the Carbon Facility that we will be passing on our route to Ponca City. Many local workers are sick and are dying of Black Lung, something I never would have known had I not spent the time with Pablo. Now I will run tomorrow and pray for those that endure this sickness from the hard work that they undertake.

By sitting with the community and listening to their stories we are also able to share the stories of what is going on back in Australia Dennis Banks and Bobby Fieldswith indigenous people and land. Most people are surprised at the stories we share of the true history of Australia and the genocide, the destruction and violence that still continues today. So we continue to walk and run to share these important stories, to keep the message of “All Life is Sacred” moving throughout the world.

Our deepest gratitude and thanks goes to the people of IOWA who have given us such wonderful support. Thank you.

– K.A. Garlick, from Australia

Roadrunner at the Iowa Police & Fire Station

(This is a P.S. from Roger, websteward for – I stayed behind Thursday morning at the Iowa Nation Police & Fire Station to update the website. Stepping outdoors to take a coffee break, a friendly little critter came running by. Fast! Officer Lori Stropes said it’s good luck to see the Roadrunner. Blessings and Godspeed for our Sacred Runners and Walkers, yes? Here’s the lucky portrait….

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