The Iowa Tribe has worked very hard to complete tourism for our tribal members and community members, and also to world-wide visitors! Our tour includes: The Bah Kh0-je Xla Chi Grey Snow Eagle House, whereas we rehabilitate injured eagles from all over the country.; Iowa Tribal Gallery – is one of the many places that is encouraged to visit, we offer a variety of gifts for anyone to supplies for Native American dance regalia; Iowa Tribal Annual Powwow takes place on the 3rd weekend of June, our powwow committee works hard for months to host a summer celebration for Native American dancers and singers. During this time a morning walk/run is usually held along with rations to campers, games for children, and activities for the adult catergory.; RV Park – anyone is invited to settle their mobile homes at ; Cimaron Casino – Our newly reconstructed casino is welcome to all players or if you’d just like to grab a bite at the Eagles Nest Cafe’;  Ioway Casino –  located in Chandler, OK, is a bit smaller but also has a small eatery; Travel Mart – Newly developed, come by and grab a drink or gas up, or even play a little at our smaller casino inside!

All tourism is located in short distances, check them all out if you’d like!

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